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Turabian 9th Edition is here!
Turabian 9th edition of "Manual for Writers..." is ready to be used. Choose it from Style in the menu bar above.

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       This website is intended to assist you in properly citing sources according to Kate L. Turabian's "A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations" 9th, 8th and 7th editions, "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association" 6th edition, and "MLA Handbook" 8th and 7th editions. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for these manuals.
       Keep in mind that your professor may have some specific requirements and the professor is always the final authority - between a multitude of subjects and schools there are many traditions on how to cite bibliographic materials.
       We want to make sure it is as easy as possible for you to do. Any ideas? Let us know (by Facebook) how we are doing or if you need something else.

eTurabian Features

Turabian Style Templates in MS Word format

Manual input: Basic and Advanced options
Express input: ISBN, keywords, MARC, LCCN, ProQuest and DOI; Advanced options available
Instructions: for the first time users; guide power users through arcane citations.
Esoteric genres such as sermon and lecture online
Multi-language citations (ex. non-English titles)

Short form footnotes (need to be logged in)
Reference list

Member exclusives
Share citations and projects between different accounts/users
Unlimited data storage
Project folders for organizing the citation results
Tagging - for easy finding and cataloging
Citation manager tools (edit/clone/search/tag citations)
Custom indentation for formatted citations, if needed
One-on-one citation help via Facebook

Thanks to Chuck Smith and Stephan Bloom, Turabian 8th ed. templates for student papers, theses and dissertations are now available for download in Microsoft Word format. When you open the file, you will be prompted to enable macros digitally signed by Eksendia LLC, maker of eTurabian. In addition, these templates also conform to Turabian 7th ed. style.

With footnotes
Theses and Dissertations for MS Word 2010 and up ---Preview
Student Research Papers for MS Word 2010 and up --- Preview

Without footnotes
Theses and Dissertations for MS Word 2010 and up ---Preview

Turabian 9th Edition Style Citation
    Bibliography and Notes
    Reference List and Parenthetical Author-Date

Express Input
Keywords for books in print
Library Catalog - MARC records
Library of Congress record
Book or book chapter DOI
Journal DOI
ProQuest dissertations and periodicals
Citations will be created using data from outside sources - check for accuracy.

Manual Input
Abstracts of journals, theses and dissertations
Book in print
eBook: Kindle, Nook, online & CD-ROM
Book Review in print
Book Review online
Books in Collections online (Databases online)
• Early Literary Works
•     Classical
•     Medieval
•     Early English
Encyclopedia / Dictionary in print
Encyclopedia / Dictionary - digital media and online
Interview (published)
Interview (unpublished)
Interview posted online (unpublished)
Journal online
Lecture online - video, audio or text
Library Online
Magazine online
Music Score in print
Music Score - digital media and online
Newspaper online
One Source Quoted in Another (logged in only)
Pamphlets, Corporate Reports, Brochures, etc., in print
Pamphlets, Corporate Reports, Brochures, etc., online
Papers Presented at Meetings
Papers Presented at Meetings published online
Personal Communications
Public Documents in print
•     Constitution
•     Treaties
•      U.S. Congressional Publications
•          Debates
•          Reports and Documents
•          Bills and Resolutions
•          Statutes
Sermon online - video, audio or text
Social Media
Theater Play in print
Theater Play - digital media and online
Theses and Dissertations
Theses and Dissertations online

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